Funtime series: VOL 2 (Trailer)

Hello Guys,

After a long hiatus, WILDLAGOS is back and better! But we’ll let you guys be the judge of that. 😉

We know you have missed us and we have missed you too.

We took a break for over a year, to improve on some of the things we lack as a brand. Reviewing our videos with your ever-constant feedback – which we absolutely appreciate – showed us some of these gaps missing as a growing brand in the African Adult Entertainment Industry.

WILDLAGOS as a porn production company in Africa, constantly strives to become better than it is so that our movies and everything around us can become better. Hopefully, you see this reflected in our new movies. We have so much in store for you now that we are back so relax, watch and cum (that’s the best part, right?) 🤫 we no go loud am.

We are kicking off with our FUNTIME SERIES: VOLUME TWO which features some of the best models in the industry right now. Elizabeth, popularly known as SpicyPussy and Pato.

SpicyPussy is a black beautiful African model with a big ass to die for which she claims to be her most attractive asset. Pato, as we all know, is an OG in the industry.

With WILDLAGOS, it is always guaranteed to be a fun time!

If there is one thing we can promise you is that WILDLAGOS movies will always get better as we grow to be the NO 1 Adult Entertainment Production Brand in Africa.





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