• trenches fuck35:31

    Trenches Fuck (FULL)

    This big ass wife in the trenches spent the money their joint account on lingeries. she decided to suck his big black cock and fuck him like a true Naija Queen to appease him.



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  • jungle quckie - wild lagos21:48

    A Quickie in the Jungle (FULL)

    We had a quickie in the jungle in Lagos! Yes, we are wild like that, lol. See what I did there? 🙃 Our models went on a sightseeing date in the forest. Things got a little .. More

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  • the delivery47:15

    The Delivery: A surprise BBC package for delivery lady (FULL)

    We switched roles and had our actress do the delivery this time. She gets there and is shocked to see that the’s not only the one with a package. Her receiver has a huge one just .. More

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  • 48:21

    Funtime with WL: Vol 1 (FULL)

    This is our very first movie for the year 2023. It’s called ‘Funtime with WL’ because we literally had a fun time on set with all our models. The shoot was smooth, erotic and very sexy. .. More

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